Monday, October 27, 2008

Us Iranians & Internet | A Walk w/ Mom

This is somewhat interesting: During the past few years I have almost been everywhere on this global village: Orkut, Yahoo 360!, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter,, Tumblr, Blogspot, Wordpress, Weebly and so on. And what did I honestly get from all this hype? Absolutely nothing! If there was something to accomplish, I did it all by myself. I started out my indie music blog and wrongly expected support from my own friends (I didn’t have much e-pals back then). I also started a blog exclusively for my gang of intimate blokes and called it Olive Island! And started posting and posting. Nothing could stop me indeed. What is the feedback you get when you’re on internet? What was the name? Oh yes, COMMENTS. That’s every blogger’s Achilles’ heel. Exactly! Nothing was all I got. And you know what? No one has ever supported me in writing. In fact, nobody gives a damn. So is this something cruel?
When I ask my friends “So how’s the blog?” which is pretty routine for any online citizen, these are the answers I get:

  • My internet connection is pretty messed up lately.
  • I still haven’t found time to check my email in 3 weeks.
  • I usually don’t hang out that much. I merely check my mail,
  • I’m too busy you know!
  • Which one? That one? Oh yeah, I think it’s great.

Comments? Ideas? Criticism? Objection? Any kind of reflection that means “I Was There @ Your Place”? None. And that’s where you become completely pissed off numb. I know I’m doing my best to make sense but I never know if anyone reads my nonsense. It’s a delicate thing and the fact is that 1 person out of every 100 visitors leaves a comment on your blog. I think my statistics are way lower than the average. When I check out my blog’s traffic, I see visitors from Kuala Lambour, New Delhi and Alberta, Canada and sometimes my droogies pals (who honestly have been kind enough). Who’s leaving a comment? [whistling]. Thank you! But I don’t think it’s that black and white outside my country i.e. Iran. Friends leave comments, people reflect their feedback. So what the hell, man? I don’t know much but some vivid facts are for certain in our Iranian culture. The Studying/Reading average in Iran is less than one second. Wow! I take it all back folks. No complaints. But these are what Iranians usually do when they connect to the Internet:

  • Open up their messengers to chat w/ total strangers;
  • Sign in to their social network to see some total strangers stripping up their bodies to add friends and do their biz (you know what I mean by that!);
  • Visit the Iranian rap/pop websites and downloading the latest crap out there;
  • Check their emails to see if there’s any notifications from those total strangers everywhere;
  • Looking for software hacks and new updates

But on the other side of the planet, there are people looking for news, articles, art and some other useful stuff. I didn’t create this journal to become an exception. I started this to simply join those who care and those who want to share something more than their body parts and their fetishes. And I promise I’m gonna see the glass half full. I think Karl Marx is right:

Anyone who knows anything of history knows that great social changes are impossible without feminine upheaval. Social progress can be measured exactly by the social position of the fair sex, the ugly ones included.

K, I guess that’s enough. I went to walk with my mom the other day around our vicinity in Jahanshahr, Karaj. That was actually the first time I go out walking with my mom. Jahanshahr has become such a mess since rural idiots have chosen it for their F1 rally race, but it’s not bad in early mornings. At the end of the boulevard I received some positive vibrations and I think I’m gonna walk more. There’s also a cycling park near our house. I’ve asked several friends to join me: no comments.


Yashar Mansoori said...

I read ur post.the first thing I think can be said is the fact that ur blog contains a reviewing mode posy with a vast circle of vocabulary which is not easy to be understand for many,thats the reason for both the number of ur blog visitors and the low number of blog comments.
So Dear Pedram I think you should depend not on the comments coming from inside,as even myself don't have so much to comment on your reviews especially music reviews,maybe I can comment on Films,anyway I always enjoyed reading your articles in THISWINKIES.
and at last I say I tollly agree with you thats the comments which encourages u toward writing more and these are the comments pushing u forward for more progress.from now on I MYSELF will comment u even in one line!
shine my pal : )

Pedram M. said...

Thanks Yash!
I guess I truly need more friends like you.

دیکلورانت said...

PED !!! you don know how much i laughed to this post !!! b kuz its all trough.
and the scoffing way you said all the things dont let me stop laughing all the time...
you know Ped you can bloging and the other ones cant...
they cant write like you , but you can handel it so good...
If i where you i dident care to those who don wan a read,Even my friends...
the counter shows how its worked :D
at last be carefull about the dog, it might bit you,doesent look friendly...

Mocha! said...

"Social progress can be measured exactly by the social position of the fair sex, the ugly ones included." That is one of my all time fave quotes and not only becuase I am a woman and the obviouse 'truth' in his word (lol) but also because of his fantastic sense of humor, the more I read Marx the more I come across his somewhat naughty sense of humor =D on the other nore...matter of social networks, blogs and so on...I too have joined a huge range. Started with Friendster or whatever, orkut,Gazzag(?) Facebook, 360 ,livejournal, no specficif order and I am so bored of them all tbh. Facebook is to keep in touch for those friends abroad and 360 was a place to create a new me and start a blog after a nasty breakup, but eventually some old friends tracked me down on there and I had to either block my blog to them or just ingnore their invites lol The lack of comments was not encouraging, but as time went by I realize I don't even care as such. So many people think they are poets and artists in Iran it seems and sooooo many of the blogs I have come across are just copy pasted bits and pieces which to me a waste of time. I write to reach to people whom I don't usualy get to meet or get to know and it worked to some level, but now I have made it private because of all the random weirdos who end up knowing the ins andouts of your life. the people you beautifully described in ur post are the reason behind my decison because keeping a public blog on 360 is such a waste of time. Keep writing because you CAN write, unlike me and the rest of the jack asses on 360 and comment or not just keep them coming becuase Look I am here today for the first time ...thru darya's page... others too will come. Sorry I have a habit of writing nonstop mumbo jumbo I stop. Take care :) Sara

Pedram M. said...

@DickLorant: Thank u Sem, keep up the good blogging.
@Mocha!: All true. I almost forgot to mention those copy/pasters and all those poets. keep reading the milk parade and p.s. you can write very well. don't give up! never give up! ;)

Kraig and Barbara said...

I like your blog. No one ever comments on my blog, either. sigh.

Pedram M. said...

@Blogger Kraig and Barbara:thanx guys!